Learning to Dream Bigger and Better by Mudly Art

Topic: New Year’s Eve It’s the end of December. In fact, its exactly the end. December 31st. The end of a month, the end of a year. The middle of Winter. There is still snow on the ground. Leftovers from our White Christmas. My first White Christmas. And I’m sitting outside, on our deck, looking … Continue reading

The Evolution of My Party Pants by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: New Year’s Eve There is nothing subtle about leather pants. They even have a soundtrack, which would have been heard clearly had it not been for the thousands of people and electrified tribal beat in which the pants and I were swimming. Once far enough inside the sea of celebration, the black boots stood … Continue reading

Pickles On My Burger by Lick The Fridge

Topic: New Year’s Eve I watch my kids fight over a toy truck. I wonder when I’ll tell them my fight story. About my real truck. Maybe when they get their driver’s licenses. Chad Powers didn’t like pickles on his burgers. That’s what he said at least. He said it with such anger that I … Continue reading

Keeping Promises by SAHD in Lansing

Topic: New Year’s Eve I’ve had something eating away at me for the past two years. Out of personal pride, stubbornness and who knows what else, I’ve tried to move on and forget about it. But I can’t. I don’t know whether it’s been my journey through fatherhood or the simple principle of it all … Continue reading

A Thoughtful Discussion by Thoughtful Pop

(Topic: Instant Gratification) “What are you laughing at?” “Dad. He’s mad again. He was trying to do that ‘serious face’ thing. Slays me every time. What are you building?” “A helicopter dog. What’s he mad about?” “Sweet – I like the antlers. He was telling me that I had to put away the tea set … Continue reading

On the Impossibilities of Writing, Fathering and Blogging by Lick The Fridge

Topic: Instant Gratification Being a father right now is impossibly hard. My twenty-two month old twins are incessantly – impossibly – demanding. The concept that it takes time to respond to these demands, if only a few seconds, has not yet settled in their minds. Exasperated whines and exaggerated cries are the norm when they … Continue reading