Rain Dance by Super Daddy

Topic: Rain In 1998 my friend Ed and I started what became an annual backpacking trip through the Smoky Mountains. We did this for five years in every type of weather imaginable; rain, snow, hot, freezing cold. When I say freezing cold I mean freezing. The night we spent on top of Gregory Bald the … Continue reading

A Fucku Haiku (Dedicated to those who exploit children) by SAHD in Lansing

Topic: Exploitation Toddlers, tiaras… Sparkly fame, fortune and cash. Mascara teardrops.

A Call to Tired Arms by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Exploitation Brothers and sisters, we have suffered long enough! We, the parental proletariat, entered into a covenant that was to be held sacred. We divorced ourselves from our freedoms and our livelihoods to contribute to the greater good. We threw down the goblet and took up the sippy cup all to serve our lineal … Continue reading

You’re a Total (Bleep), Dad. Even Jerry Thinks So: A Tragicomedy in One Act by Lick the Fridge

(Topic: Exploitation) Setting: The Jerry Springer Show studio. The year: 2026 Jerry walks down the aisle toward the stage. The musical offerings of Whitesnake, or possibly Ratt, ushers him in. The crowd is on its feet making a general ruckus. Crowd: Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jerry reaches the stage and calms the crowd down. … Continue reading