A Biblical Kind of Rain by Tessasdad


Rain in a nation along the equator is not like rain anywhere else. At least in what I’ve seen in my travels to the Caribbean and to East Africa. While in Uganda on two visits in 2009, I saw rain which can only be explained as a full-body sensory experience of biblical proportions. Quite honestly, it scared the shit out of me, yet there was a beauty in it which was exhilarating at the same time. Let me explain.

My first experience with rain in Uganda was while riding in a vehicle on a winding one-lane mountain road. The van ride was scary enough to begin with. Driving and riding in rural Uganda is also quite the unique experience and can make roller coaster lovers whiter than the muzungus (Swahili for white foreigner) they already are  All one had to do was look out the window and see the vehicle’s tires less than three feet from the edge of about a 500-1000 ft. drop into the mountainside. Not to mention the fun of when some giant truck filled with matooke (a kind of banana) would come barreling around the bend at you, and your hold body braced for impact. I was sitting in the front seat and the driver got a real laugh at watching my body tense up when other trucks would come at us.

Back to the rain. It was coming down so hard, you couldn’t hear anyone talk unless they were yelling. It was like we were driving through a waterfall. If you’ve been to Niagara Falls and did the boat ride by the falls, you can get somewhat of a sense of the noise and the power of the rainfall. As scary and nerve-wracking as it was, at the same time it was intensely beautiful as well. Before it began to rain, you could actually smell it coming. Not only that, but our driver had pointed it out in the sky and you could see it moving across the tops of the hills from the direction we were heading straight into. All in all, I had never experienced rain of such intensity. As quick as it came upon is, it was also done. In this case, it only lasted all of about 10 minutes. It was surreal to say the least.

(Disclaimer: The photos above aren’t ones I took but they do represent 1.) The size of the trucks and the amount of matooke on them and 2.) how the rain looked off to the distance as we were approaching it. Where was my camera and where are my photos you ask? Shit, I was too busy hanging on for dear life to take pictures.)

One Response to “A Biblical Kind of Rain by Tessasdad”
  1. Jared Karol says:

    Chris, thanks for sharing about the emotions and beauty that can come along with rain. Very cool.

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