Rain and Sunshine, Sunshine and Rain by Mudly Art

Topic: Rain

I can’t think about rain, without thinking about it’s relationship to sunshine. As much as the earth needs peace in order to make sense, so does rain need sunshine. Rain is nature’s balance to sunshine. And I crave rainy days as much as I crave sunny days.

If sunshine is light, then rain is comforting. In the sun, and with the sun, I feel awake, alive, energized. When it rains, I feel soothed and surrounded.

If sunshine is happy, then rain is silly. Call me cliche, but the sun really does make me smile, if I take a moment to stop and appreciate it. Rain makes me want to run around and have mud fights or go puddle jumping.

If sunshine is distracting, then rain is motivating. I can get lost in sunshine, daydreaming out the window, or outside acting on that daydream, it pulls me in. Rain makes me productive; I get things done, rather then just thinking about getting them done.

If sunshine is inspirational, then rain is magical. Spring’s first warm sunny day after a cold winter awakens my creative energies like nothing else. But dancing in the rain is a transcendent experience.

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