I Am A Big Jerk by Super Daddy

Topic: Entitlement

I was quite honored to receive the invitation from Jared and Mitch to participate in The Write On Project. This is their home, their backyard and they’re inviting me over to play. I was humbled. This week’s topic is Entitlement. I have a lot to say about entitlement and what others feel they are entitled to.

The entitlements of the religious, politicians, SUV drivers, texting and driving, smokers (former smoker here), customers, law enforcement, I could go on and on. And I did. I wrote up a nice little piece about Religious Entitlement. I like it a lot. Of course I would, it’s snarky.

I re-read it over and over. I sweated over the edits trying to make every word and every sentence resonate off the screen. I wanted this piece to gut punch people. Then it dawned on me. Am I taking liberties in Jared’s and Mitch’s home, so to speak?

I saved the file, got up and fixed dinner for the kids. After we finished eating I gathered the kids up and went for a walk, it being in the mid 60’s and not below freezing for the first time in months.

I enjoy the outdoors. It centers me. The wind, the smells, the sights and all the noises. There’s so much going on that no one takes any notice of. The kids were having a good time counting all the squirrels they saw. Even though it was right before dusk and the sun was still shining brightly, the moon was out looking down on us. My daughter especially got a kick out of “making the moon move”.

In these moments I realized that regardless of how well I like Mitch and Jared, I don’t know them at all. I read their blogs and I think I have a sense of who they are and what they might be about, but the truth is I don’t know them. So why in the world would I send them a post that could possibly offend them, their families and friends and their readers?

It is one thing if I want to spew my rhetoric on my own site or on a site that invites me to write such opinion pieces. But I shouldn’t feel like I’m entitled to say whatever I want, wherever I want. Especially, on my blogger friends’ blog. If I did this I would not be any better than the people I seek to expose. I would be the biggest jerk and hypocrite.

To quote Stephanie Tanner from Full House, “How rude?”

2 Responses to “I Am A Big Jerk by Super Daddy”
  1. @tessasdad says:

    LOL, nice post. Post that other one on Fatherfolk 🙂

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