The Rise and Fall of the Stoned Guest by TJ Alexian

Topic: Coincidence Brushes with evil? Sure, I’ve had a few. Just some thin little paint strokes, though, really. Nothing you’d need to shake an Exorcist at. Oh, yes. Yes! I remember one, in particular. His name was Damien. A demonic/cherubic/ceramic lawn statue, he was. Damien first came into our lives when Corb worked the front … Continue reading

A Moment Like Any Other by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Exhaustion It was a familiar spot and a moment like any other. It may have been yesterday. It may have been last year. My reflection in the window looked old. The light bulb above me and the absence of light outside worked together to show my face drawn and dramatic in the shadows. I … Continue reading

The Hike by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic: Exhaustion We woke up in the morning to the forecast of a beautiful, sunny 85 degree day. It didn’t feel that warm to us though, as there was a nice breeze blowing and we were excited for the hike we had planned. Plus we had been sleeping in a tent and the temperature had … Continue reading

Absolute Capacity Utilization by One and a Half Men

Topic: Exhaustion Teetering on the edge of exhaustion is an accurate description of your constant state of being. Properly balancing parenting, career, and household demands requires that you flirt with exhaustion every single day. A perfectly executed day brings you to the brink of ultimate exhaustion. The day ends with a collapse into repose. Exhaustion … Continue reading

Exhaustion by Maria’s Random Rants

Topic: Exhaustion I’m not a morning person, never have been. In fact, I have a love hate relationship with my snooze button. I need her, rely on her, religiously check on her just in case, but every morning I blindly smack her quiet for that luxurious ten more minutes of sleep. Who am I kidding? … Continue reading

Please by K-Rock

Topic: Exhaustion Sigh. The lines were so long. Always. I’m not sure why I was hoping it would be different today. I should have known better than to hope at all, I told myself as I approached the inspection station. It was a large flat building, a dreary taupe color, surrounded by pavement. Lots of … Continue reading

An Emotional Day by Shawnda Rae

Topic: Exhaustion So I was an emotional wreck yesterday. I was driving to work crying cause J left me, nobody wanted to date me, and i have no Mountain Dew. I know, I know. . . But what really makes this laughable is it all started because I did not have any Mountain Dew to … Continue reading

Waiting for Morning by Alexandra White

Topic: Exhaustion Julia rocked in the chair in the low, pale light of the morning, Lily’s body heavy and sticky against her. Her breasts ached under the relentless pull of the baby’s mouth. Her eyes burned red with fatigue. How could one small person need so much from her? Even when she held Lily all … Continue reading

Keep Out by TJ Alexian

Topic: Exhaustion Somewhere outside, I can hear a drunk boy arguing, then burst into tears. Men are so unattractive when they cry. His words are muted. Instinctively, I turn the lights out in the apartment and move close to the picture window to hear more. I’ve always been nosy like that. But it’s no use. … Continue reading

Little Black Fly by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Exhaustion I’ve been having a hard time connecting with my daughter lately. She’s two and she’s been sick on and off for the last two weeks and she hasn’t exactly been the most pleasant person to be around. I say that as an observation not as a judgment. It’s not her fault. She might … Continue reading