Absolute Capacity Utilization by One and a Half Men

Topic: Exhaustion

Teetering on the edge of exhaustion is an accurate description of your constant state of being. Properly balancing parenting, career, and household demands requires that you flirt with exhaustion every single day. A perfectly executed day brings you to the brink of ultimate exhaustion. The day ends with a collapse into repose.

Exhaustion is proof that today has been a productive day. The collapse must be perfectly timed. Early exhaustion could be catastrophic and must be averted at all costs. The day that exhaustion is not achieved is a day that full production capacity is not met.

There are too many responsibilities today. Falling behind due to premature exhaustion could initiate a domino effect of neglected commitments with devastating consequences.

The question is not how much sleep is necessary to be healthy. The question is how many waking hours are required to keep the house of cards from collapsing. Constant motion in multiple directions is the only option. There is no alternative.

The day starts at 5:00 a.m. or before. The snooze bar is not a liberty that you can consider. The first few minutes are brutal. That first whiff of coffee will make it better. At least the most critical goal of the day has already been attained. Oversleeping was avoided. Oversleeping would have been disastrous.

Many mornings the kids must be delivered to school before dawn. Some days you’re there at the front door of the school waiting for the staff to arrive. The sun is barely nudging its way over the horizon. The sun feels like the enemy. The darkness is refuge. Darkness is the blanket that smothers the insanity of the days. The sun demands work and it demands that commitments be honored.

There are moments of complete paralysis when you are unable to move a muscle. You’re unable to get up off the couch, off the mattress, out of the shower, out of the car. Some mornings you stand in the shower resting your forehead on the tile allowing the water to cascade over you. This is the maximum relaxation that you enjoy on most days. Some afternoons you crawl into the car, lean back in your seat and close your eyes. You remain motionless, all sound and light fading into the periphery. You cocoon deeply inward but you can spare yourself hardly a moment.

The day winds down and you attempt to recollect how you accomplished everything today. It is debilitating just thinking about where you have been and what you have done today. Even with all that you have accomplished today your mind is racing with guilt over the tasks that you acquiesced to postpone until tomorrow. Your thoughts dart within your head like lasers as you make your mental list of what must be accomplished tomorrow. Finally you begin to succumb to the inevitable. Unable to withstand another inkling of the responsibilities at hand you at last retreat into slumber.

One Response to “Absolute Capacity Utilization by One and a Half Men”
  1. TJ Alexian says:

    It’s really scary when you go through the day and at the dnd of it, you can scarcely recall all that you’ve done. That’s a pretty good indication of a busy, busy day! Thanks for describing it so well.

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