A Universe in Harmony by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Coincidence

The universe is an interesting place.

There are around 200 billion stars in our galaxy and around 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Or maybe there are 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 200 billion galaxies. We can’t be sure. The whole of it is just too big and we are just too small. Too big for us to see. Too big, really, for us to even fathom. So, we have to just guess.

It seems that a lot of what we do here is guessing. We guess because we don’t understand. We guess because it is all we can do sometimes. Our world and, certainly, the universe are too complicated for us to fully comprehend. We are surrounded by seemingly random events with no insight as to what they mean or how they fit together. We convince ourselves that everything is unconnected because it’s more comfortable that way. We use words like fate and luck and coincidence to explain away our uncertainty.

But maybe there is no such thing as a coincidence. Maybe everything is connected somehow. Maybe we can’t see it because we are not looking in the right places.

The next time you see a sunflower lean in closely and really look at how the seeds are arranged. The rows gracefully spiral out from the center, giving the flower almost a sense of movement. This is nature’s way of maximizing the amount of seeds that can grow on each particular flower. It is the most efficient form. It is also an approximation of the golden spiral.

Such spirals are everywhere. They are the shape of breaking waves and a spinning hurricanes. They are nautilus shells and rams’ horns. They are the structure of our DNA and our galaxy.

These spirals are also related to the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio, which are represented even more frequently in the natural world. Flower petals and tree branches, pineapples and pine cones, facial features and bone structures all follow the pattern.

We intrinsically find beauty in these patterns, as well. We have incorporated them into art and architecture. We manipulate them to sell products. We use them to shape instruments and the music that we play.

There is a rhythm to it all. There is order and connection. We just have to look for it.

Connections may sometimes be too complicated for us to fully wrap our heads around, but that doesn’t mean they are not there. This universe that often seems too big to comprehend can look just like the smallest thing we can imagine, while the tiniest creatures and most fragile blooms can feign enormity. There is communion hidden in plain view.

When you look close enough, things just don’t seem random. Coincidence depends on chance occurrence, which depends on detachment of all things. When a sunflower can look like a universe and a universe a sunflower, then detachment just doesn’t seem likely. We may sometimes have trouble understanding why or how things have come to be interrelated, but it certainly seems that they are. If you do not see the pebble dropped into the pond, that does not mean it doesn’t cause a ripple.

In all of this vastness, there is a harmony. In that harmony we live, intimately connected to all that surrounds us and free of coincidence.


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