Fate by Shawnda Rae

Topic: Coincidence

I have put much thought into this word “Coincidence” lately. What does it mean? Is there really such a thing as “coincidence”? Webster defines coincidence as a noun – “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.” But is it really by CHANCE that this event happened? Or was it deemed by the fate gods for this event to happen?

Was it just coincidence that my son was placed on THAT T-Ball team? Or was it deemed by fate that he was there because I was going to need to lean on those parents a couple years later? Was it coincidence that I meet my two “best” friends in elementary school? Or was it deemed that they be in my life because twenty years later we would need to lean on each other for support?

I have a friend that I have known for less than a year. We meet by chance. I started helping out at our youth group until they could find permanent leaders. One of the leaders that was there was on maternity leave and when she came back we hit it off right away. And as time passes we find we have friends in common but never meet. We talk every day on the way home and never knew how many of the same circles we run in. Now was it just coincidence that we met at that time and not earlier? Or was it fate?

As I mentioned earlier I have two friends I have known since elementary school. One of them has been a constant in my life since second grade. We might go a year or two without talking but we always seem to reconnect. And in the past five months we have had some kind of contact with each other at least five times a week (via text or facebook). He is happily married with children (and, no, I am not talking about Al Bundy). But in the past few months our friendship has grown closer than it ever has. He thinks of me as his sister and I think of him as my brother.

The other friend I have known since fourth grade. He was one of my best friends in high school. We had sorta of an odd relationship back then. And when I got married we ended up losing contact with each other. But now he is back in my life again. And our friendship is as strong as it was back then or even stronger.

After writing this I have to say that I do not believe in coincidence anymore. Fate plays a huge part in my life. Fate is what brought all of my friends into my life, not coincidence.

I could go on and on but the people in my life that I believe in are IN my life for a reason. But it is late and I need to try to sleep tonight.

2 Responses to “Fate by Shawnda Rae”
  1. T.J. Alexian says:

    I do believe it’s sort of pre-determined that we meet (and keep) certain people in our lives. People who influence us for the better (and sometimes, for the worst). And then there are people who pop up and turn your lives around, and you never see again…or, people who only show up every five years or so, but always help you become reenergized or help you re-define who you are. Very deep post for a late night!

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