I Was Pressured into Writing this Post by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Coincidence

I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. Which is really no big deal. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I don’t think anyone but me would have noticed, and if anyone did notice, they most certainly wouldn’t have cared.

It’s just a blog. It’s not even my own personal blog. It’s a group blog, one where writers participate by writing on a single topic twice a month. My buddy and I created it because we thought it would be cool to challenge ourselves a bit, and to be connected to one another a little more closely through our writing.

And we came up with all these topics that we would all write about, and then we got a few of our friends to write with us and suggest topics of their own, and then over time the site began growing as more people heard about it, and then we started sending personal invitations to people whose writing we liked.

And for the most part they said, Cool, yeah! I’ll write for The Write On Project. And we we’re like, Awesome! We’re gonna take over the world sooner than we had originally thought. We were having fun, and we were digging the progress and the vibe and the quality of writing on the site.

And I wrote a piece for every single topic. The ideas came to me pretty easily. Some incident or idea or person would inspire me to write what I felt were solid posts that could connect with people.

Naturally, I enjoyed that on a personal level. But I also felt it was kind of my responsibility to participate each time as one of the founders of the site, to lead the charge, to provide inspiration for others. I didn’t see it as pressure but just as something that I was kind of expected to do.

That is until this topic. Coincidence.

It seemed simple enough. Coincidences happened all the time, don’t they? Surely I could identify some of them and write something clever or funny or thought provoking on the idea of coincidences. Why would I not be able to do that?

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn’t have a firm grasp on what exactly a coincidence was. Sure, I knew the definition of coincidence, and I understood the concept intellectually, but it wasn’t something I thought of regularly or talked about in my everyday discussions.

So I started to worry a bit. What if I can’t come up with a post? I have to come up with a post, don’t I? And the more I thought about not being able to come up with a post, the more distant any ideas I had thought of for a post became.

And what was worse was that rather than just forgetting about it, and moving on to other pieces of writing for others sites, I didn’t do any of those either, because I was trying to think of this damn “coincidence” post. It was starting to consume me to a point where it wasn’t funny anymore. It was becoming kind of serious.

Every time I said I would just drop it, and say it would be okay if I didn’t write a post this time for The Write On Project, I felt this pang of insufficiency running through me. I told myself to go write that other post I had in my mind about Mary, her little lamb and gyros, but I couldn’t do it. My mind would not let me do it.

So finally, I said screw it, and sat down and wrote the words you’re reading right now. And as I finish up writing these words I wonder if all the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves have anything to do with quality of work we produce.

Or is just a coincidence?

6 Responses to “I Was Pressured into Writing this Post by Lick the Fridge”
  1. Shawnda Rae says:


    I liked it! And I think we all feel this way in everyday life 🙂

    • Jared Karol says:

      Thanks, Shawnda. Yeah, it seems to be a too common feeling, doesn’t it?

      • Shawnda Rae says:

        Yep! My soon to be ex always told me I should write but then when I did I felt like it was never good enough so I stopped. Now that he is out of my life I write what I feel and if nobody likes it OH WELL. It is my words not theirs 🙂 And even if I don’t like it I still write it down 😉

  2. Mona says:

    You’ve just summed up my life. Thanks.

    • Jared Karol says:


      Glad I could do that for you. 🙂 It’s too bad it has to be that way for so many of us. I wish I could find a way to make it not so. . . I’ll let you know if I do.

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