Emergence by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Extinction “I” am an endangered species. There is a part of me that is close to extinction. This is the “me” who drives a car without koolaid stains or a thousand toys and candy wrappers crammed in every available space.  The “me” who actually goes to bed without reading fifteen different but all brightly … Continue reading

Choosing Happy by Jen Hurowitz

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals Goal 1: Be happy. Goal 2: Always follow Goal 1. I haven’t always been a happy person. I had every intention to be happy. I wanted to get married, have children, laugh a lot and be the ideal grown-up I had created in my head. For some reason, I had to … Continue reading

Goals by Erica S

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals I’m keeping this short and sweet. I’ve got stinky kids to bathe, dinner to make and sanity to keep. I think I will make the first two happen, can’t make promises on the third. Just keeping it real, people. I noticed today that I have been really having some down moments/days … Continue reading

Sudden Death Overtime by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic – Intentions vs. Goals. Color Guy:  Well, here we go fans… this is it… it’s a nail biter here as we start this sudden death overtime period… still no goals scored in this one.  TEAM WARNER needs to get one here to stay in this series.  But TEAM HINDRANCE is putting on a phenomenal defensive performance… I … Continue reading

Big Plans for Today by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals I had every intention of accomplishing many things today. I intended to have a good day with the kids, but that plan was derailed at five in the morning when I went in to get my son out of his crib and he cried hysterically for his mommy and flopped around … Continue reading

My Parenting Days Are Almost Over. . . But Not Quite by Lick the Fridge

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? I remember the day well. March of 2010. My wife and I were pushing our one-year-old twins in their single strollers, so as to not have to maneuver the behemoth double stroller through the narrow aisles of the pharmacy. The line was about four deep. The man … Continue reading

What the %^&* Is Going On Here? by Maria’s Random Rants

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? I’m a warrior, a road warrior. Well, among other things. Really. Just hear me out. Being a family of six limits our options when it comes to travel. Heck, being a family of six limits us financially in several respects, because as you can guess six times … Continue reading

Sleepwalking by Amy Busee Perkins

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? What would happen if one day you woke up and found yourself in a traffic jam? You look at the 16-year-old sitting next to you, earbuds and loud music blocking out conversation or relation, but the last time you checked he was six, with a gap toothed … Continue reading

My “What the %^&* Moment” & Why You Should Be Careful What You Wish For by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? When my twins were younger, I used to worry about my son being so timid around his sister. He’d seriously let the girl walk all over him. She’d steal his toys, interrupt his stories, and pretty much veto every single one of his ideas. And surprisingly, the … Continue reading

The Day My Daughter Killed Her Grandfather by TJ Alexian

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? “Teddy,” said my sister Kerrie over the phone. “You’re not going to believe what Ashes did today.” Wonderful. What fresh new hell awaits? I sat at my desk at work and felt my stomach tighten. Kerrie teaches reading at the Middle School that Ashes attends. It’s been … Continue reading