Goals by Erica S

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals

I’m keeping this short and sweet.

I’ve got stinky kids to bathe, dinner to make and sanity to keep.

I think I will make the first two happen, can’t make promises on the third. Just keeping it real, people.

I noticed today that I have been really having some down moments/days and it seems that my positive attitude is drifting a bit. I notice that I complain more, I’m okay and not GREAT, I’m “could be better” instead of fucking amazing and I’m just plain bitchy.

Yes, depression sucks, PMS/PMDD sucks-it all sucks ASS, but I know that I can get through this because I’ve done it before. I know that I will be okay because I just am. I know that this is just how it is but it doesn’t mean my life is miserable.

My goals for this week (I don’t raise my goals too too high so I don’t let myself down) are going to be a different one each day. Tomorrow, I will not complain. I will not complain about the damn weather, about lack of sleep, about whining children waking me at five fucking something am squabbling because the other one peed too loud, about the birds that seem to weigh 100 pounds when they’re running across the skylight right above my fucking head in my room…nope, won’t complain about any of that. I did just now because it isn’t tomorrow yet. So there.

Tomorrow I will think of my next goal and so on and so forth…I have to do whatever works to get me back on track. Join me if you’d like. It can’t hurt to try these things, right?

*disclaimer–I am not responsible for you not reaching your goals. Like someone on Twitter said: “reach for the stars, just don’t be disappointed if they don’t reach back.” Haha, okay, okay. Reach and reach high, we can do this! We can do it.



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