Emergence by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Extinction

“I” am an endangered species.

There is a part of me that is close to extinction. This is the “me” who drives a car without koolaid stains or a thousand toys and candy wrappers crammed in every available space.  The “me” who actually goes to bed without reading fifteen different but all brightly colored books about numbers or letters or some wonderful combination of both. The “me” who reads ADULT books (the ones without pictures, I mean) all the way through, and who is able to sleep in past the crack of dawn on any day of the week.

There is a layer of life that has begun to smother out the “old” me, the person I was before I was a mom. The days of freedom, of going and coming as I pleased, or of even being anywhere were there was not a “potty” within ten feet, are over. At least for now.

Truth be told, though, I am okay with that. Having my son has stretched and molded me in ways I could have never thought possible. However, this process of extinction can be a bit scary. It kind of sneaks up on you (well, it did me, anyway) and before you know it, you are sitting drinking your morning coffee, relishing the few moments of total silence before the chaos of the day begins, and you think, loud and clear, “HOW did I get here, and WHO am I?!?”

Who is this woman who tolerates, but heeds not, incessant cries for things like gummy bears and ice cream and ten pm? Who is this woman who knows the entire script of ALL FOUR Shrek films? Who is this woman who lives by structure, and enforces discipline? Who takes away toys, teaches lessons and gives endless hugs and kisses? Why, she is the new species of ME; the updated, enhanced, and dare I say, better version. She is mature, less impulsive and makes better decisions. I kind of like her, just saying.

But hey, if you see that “old” me roaming the wilderness, take a photo, call National Geographic or any one else who may be searching for endangered species. Tag me with a red sticker, jot me down in a notebook, and take my statistic, because that me is headed for extinction.


One Response to “Emergence by Transforming Sarah”
  1. talleygilly says:

    Sarah – Welcome to The Write On Project! Wonderful post, this is such a great way to depict the transformation (shedding of old skin?) we go through when we become parents. I also feel a little nostalgia for the old, extinct verison of myself, but like you I am grateful for this new, improved version that comes with the role of parent. -A

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