Moral Extinction by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Extinction

Live has recently been chaotic. The type of chaos that radiates from every corner of the universe. I have found myself often wondering when the shoe would drop between my time spent writing a book, my current gigs, taking a site off the ground, and attempting to maintain balance in my home. That shoe dropping would send every moment of my world cycling to extinction; at least temporarily.

By Tuesday, I had one gig well ahead of schedule, affording me a few days of nothing but site launch work. I had everything planned out down to the minute. Again, I wondered if the proverbial shoe would drop as I hit publish on my site, sending a new dimension of life out to the Internet universe and beyond. It was good to see my little baby out there, complete with SEO that afforded my first search result and spam comment in less than twelve hours. Perfection.

The week propelled forward with more chapters written, blog posts submitted for gigs, and even time spent playing and laughing with my family. We enjoyed fabulous dinners, a clean kitchen every night, and more jokes than comedians. Our dinner table housed prayers and thanks. It also was the place where masterpieces were created with paper, scissors, glue, and crayons. We lived life, fully, and maintained an almost perfect balance each and every day.

The shoe did drop on Thursday. It sent our balance into a moment of extinction as we questioned how someone who is such a good child could make a choice like the one made. We considered every single factor possible. We questioned our methods of parenting. We analyzed behaviors of recent weeks. We even pondered if days of manners, respect, responsibility, and considering others was gone, void, extinct.

I questioned if my own child could mirror those which so many have referred to as ‘juvenile delinquents.’ The delinquents who are commented about across social media sites every single day. They are the children who tag, steal, lie, cheat, and inflict injury upon others. Not only do they do all of those things, they show no respect for anyone around, care less about being responsible citizens, the first words that come out of their mouths involve profanity. And thank you, you’re welcome, and please seem to be gone.

When I heard my son admit the truth and begin to cry at the choice he made, I realized that manners are far from extinct, just so long as we continue to reinforce the core morals of life as parents. I, for one, am thankful that the future leaders of tomorrow still have a chance to make a difference with the right encouragement and support at home.

One Response to “Moral Extinction by Mysti Reutlinger”
  1. talleygilly says:

    Mysti – Such an important message about the critical work we do as parents to keep the moral core consistent, and the point that we must see our children’s mistakes are learning opportunities for the whole family–how do we cope effectively, how do we reinforce the message, how do we encourage the right behaviors. Thanks for sharing this great story. -Alexandra

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