Should We Love Life? I Think We Should by Gangsta Fish

Topic: Love I find it interesting that it’s rare I hear these days the term “I love life.” Okay. Stress. Work. People. I get it. But I’ve been thinking about it, and I think people are actually getting to a point where they grossly exaggerate the downs of daily life, and unintentionally convince themselves that … Continue reading

Even Now by Thoughtful Pop

topic: Love Most nights lately she sat right there, looking out the only window on the front of the building. Through the scratched glass, through the bars on the outside of the old church, she watched the sidewalk in its amber glow from the curving streetlight overhead. She listened to the changing pitch of cars … Continue reading

Two Peas in a Pod by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: Love Whenever people ask me if my twins get along, I answer by saying that they’re the best of friends and the worst of enemies. As with all siblings, one minute they can be playing as peacefully as Buddha with a butterfly, and the next, they can be going at each other like a … Continue reading

To My Soulmate, Zack, Last Name Unknown by Emily Nelson

Topic: Love When I was 19, I was desperate to find my boyfriend. In that respect, not much has changed except my level of depression and desperation. And self-confidence. So I guess a lot has changed, but I sympathize with 19 year old me rather frequently if only for the pain she was in. She … Continue reading

Awakening by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Love As a young child I loved writing. It didn’t matter what kind. I would curl up with my little diary and a few gel pens and I would write. It held such pure joy for me, seeing words come together to make beautiful compositions. In school, my teachers all praised me for my … Continue reading

Dad, Will You Wrestle? by Deep Fried Daddy

Topic: Love My second son came downstairs tonight and said, “Dad, will you wrestle?” I said, “Are you sure?” He quickly replied, “I want to wrestle!” I immediately grabbed him to begin the match and he told me I was in the wrong room so I had to go upstairs to the living room and … Continue reading

The Love of an Aunt by Jen Hurowitz

Topic: Love I always knew my aunt loved me. It was a requirement, after all. Her sister had a baby and she showed the appropriate response. But upon our meeting and mutual love, the role of aunt reached another level. Have you ever had a favorite relative? If you have, I’m sure you felt guilty. … Continue reading

From Love to Heartbreak by by Shawnda Rae

Topic: Love So now what do I do? I’ve held my thoughts and feelings in for a couple of weeks now, but when I finally tell you what I think you blow me off (and not in the good way)! So I fell for you! So I love you! I took all my cues from … Continue reading

The Emergence of Daddy’s Little Girl by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Love Before I became a father, I had often observed that male friends of mine with daughters seemed to have that special relationship with their little girl that was somehow different—a relationship that is hard to describe, but one that is instantly recognizable as unique and beautiful. Their daughters were clearly Daddy’s Little Girls. … Continue reading

Resist by Alexandra White

Topic: Love We keep our art supplies by the kitchen table on an old pale-pink metal cart with wheels that I bought at a thrift store years ago. The cart was likely meant for serving cocktails or nicely arranged hors d’oeuvres to adults, which shows how far away our life has diverged from that time … Continue reading