From Love to Heartbreak by by Shawnda Rae

Topic: Love

So now what do I do? I’ve held my thoughts and feelings in for a couple of weeks now, but when I finally tell you what I think you blow me off (and not in the good way)! So I fell for you! So I love you! I took all my cues from you. You told me you like me more then a friend. YOU are the one who said I love you first. YOU are the one who told me you “wanted” me but were too chicken. And when I finally tell you that I want you more than a friend YOU back off! REALLY!

Actually I am sorry you just hurried up and got off the phone then slept for the next ten hours. Called me at midnight just to say HI then needed to get off the phone. Then the next day when I questioned you on what you wanted–I mean SERIOUSLY wanted–you basically tell me that if I feel the need I should start looking for someone and then I should go for it! And you say good luck because true love is a lie! Oh, and then let’s not forget that you ended the phone call with an I LOVE YOU. . . *sigh* And you wonder why I thought you wanted to try to see if there was more than a friendship with us.

So now here I sit at 11:30 at night writing this all down instead of picking up the phone and calling him. I know if I did call him that what I would say would not be nice. Actually it probably would end our friendship.  So instead I am writing it all down. I know he will never read it even if I did send him the link. And how do I know this, you ask? Cause the last thing I wrote he has never gotten around to read.

If you are reading this and know who I am referring to please walk up to him, smack on the back of the head and tell him “She was the best thing that has entered your life in years and you are stupid for letting her walk away.” Because that is what I have to do for awhile. . . I have to walk away from him until I can talk to him without my heart doing flips every time I hear his voice. Without getting a smile on my face when he texts me. Without him being the first person I want to text when I have news. When I can finally do those things then maybe I can start being the friend again. . .


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