Dad, Will You Wrestle? by Deep Fried Daddy

Topic: Love

My second son came downstairs tonight and said, “Dad, will you wrestle?” I said, “Are you sure?” He quickly replied, “I want to wrestle!”

I immediately grabbed him to begin the match and he told me I was in the wrong room so I had to go upstairs to the living room and sit on the floor. Quickly, he let me know that wrestling to him meant me on the floor, him climbing up on the sofa, and me being jumped on. As we rolled around yelling like beasts, the other kids joined in, even his soon-to-be two year old sister. Each one wanted their turn in the full embrace of dad being tickled and pinned on the floor or in my arms.

I loved every minute of it!

As I thought more about it later that evening, he wasn’t telling me as much how he wanted to wrestle with me as much as he was telling me how he wanted me to love him.

I firmly believe that the way our children interact with us is also the way they want us to love them. During our wrestling match, he wanted me to love him with physical touch. He wanted me to grab him, hold him, and squeeze him. The fact that I did that with him let him know that I love him.

This reminds me that I need to pay close attention to my kids and the way they interact with me. If they give me words of affection, I need to return words. If they come and just sit with me and want to watch a video or play a game, then I need to give them that time. When I respond to them, the way I interact with them shows them love.

2 Responses to “Dad, Will You Wrestle? by Deep Fried Daddy”
  1. Anne says:

    This is so insightful and true of the way kids communicate with us. Right now my 3 year-old loves any game that involves her being chased. And when she gets so upset when I can’t do that with her it’s not just because I’m not giving her attention – but it’s exactly what you’ve said – in other words, I’m not taking the time to love her in the way that she is craving right now.
    But it’s not just true w/ small children, who have limited communication skills – it’s so true w/ adults as well – if you think about why people get so mad about what are seemingly small things…you’ve hit on what’s really at the heart of it — whether people are feeling loved.

  2. Anne,
    Thank you for the kind words. You are right, this speaks to how children and adults all communicate. I think feeling loved is one of those desires that all of us long for. Showing that love to our family and friends in ways they respond to strengthens and nurtures those relationships. I wish I could take credit for this observation, but it’s something I originally learned from The Five Love Languages book. I highly recommend it.

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