Awakening by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Love

As a young child I loved writing. It didn’t matter what kind. I would curl up with my little diary and a few gel pens and I would write. It held such pure joy for me, seeing words come together to make beautiful compositions.

In school, my teachers all praised me for my abilities and my papers or poems were often picked to be read aloud. I relished in these affirmations and though I was shy as a girl, when it came to writing I had confidence.

You see, as a child, fantasy was so tangible. It was easy to conjure up magnificent stories that took me to new and unimagined places. But as I grew older, that conduit to fantasy that was my childhood began to disappear. My poems became dull, my stories full of fluff and dead ideas. They were like bare bones, skeletons of what they could of have been. It was sad the way that life came in and silently pushed my creativity into a deep, dark slumber.

Now, well past my younger days, with a child of my own, that direct line into the world of fantasy and imagination has begun to reopen. The creative beast inside of me is awake, yawning and stretching, awakening after a long, long time. It is refreshing to get back in touch with that part of me. I am falling in love with it all over again.

One Response to “Awakening by Transforming Sarah”
  1. talleygilly says:

    Love your use of imagery with the skeletons of your dead ideas. You’ve captured a wonderful truth of parenting–the unlocking of this creative spirit that our children enable us to do. They are so pure in that way, and I am glad you are enjoying this return to your voice and imagination. . I look forward to seeing more of your writing here. -Alexandra

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