You May Not Know the Answer by Alexandra White

Topic: Communication As the conference call wears on into the second hour, we are all becoming glum. It seems we are getting further away from resolving the problems with our internal software, not closer. The more questions we ask Mark, our technical expert, the quieter he becomes. “When will it be fixed?” we ask. “Why … Continue reading

Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth? by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: Communication In order to survive parenting without killing each other, my husband and I have learned that communication is really the key to our success. And by “communication” I mean that I pretty much need to spell everything out from A to Z when it’s time for my husband to take the wheel. Now, … Continue reading

Knowing by Stephanie Haass

Topic: Communication My son is twelve days old and I am holding him for the first time. I can feel his tiny heart beating against my naked chest, and the landslide of emotion that engulfs me is indescribable. We’re cuddled together in a rocker in the NICU, tethered to monitors and machines by a tangled … Continue reading

The Most Important Form of Communication: Self Talk by Mona Andrei

Topic: Communication When I first read the email about the return of The Write On Project (TWOP) and the invitation to write a post for the month of February, one word came to mind: “Yayyy!” Then when I saw the topic – “Communication” – I got even more excited. Partly because I love anything that … Continue reading

The Stories They Leave Out of the Marriage Manual by Maria’s Random Rants

Topic: Communication Some days I look at my husband and think, “I can love this man a thousand years, in this life and the next.” Other days I find myself struggling to figure out how I’m supposed to stand him one more day. Marriage is funny like that. It’s like a roller coaster, complete with … Continue reading

Is There Anybody There? by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Communication I watched Steven Spielberg’s classic film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ on DVD the other night. In the movie a five tone motif is used to try and communicate with the aliens. Apparently the tones were chosen so that the notes sounded like H E L L O in musical form, which … Continue reading

Wait….What? by Jen Hurowitz

Topic: Communication I have been actively writing for the past year or so, but I considered myself a writer from the minute my little fingers could make words dance on the paper. Over the past year, I have struggled to find the balance between my snarky, sarcastic self and a happier, witty version. When you … Continue reading

Communication Calisthenics by Adam Sancic

Topic: Communication As I look up at what I assume is either a letter or a number above the boarding platform, that familiar uneasiness resurfaces. A tiny knot of panic quickly tightens around what I now imagine to be a huge hole in my stomach… I should have been better prepared for this trip. Maybe … Continue reading

Breakdown by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Communication Sitting across the couch from me, I can feel his energy. I can almost see the words flying across his mind, even in the dead pan silence of the room. Moments ago, there was no silence. There was screaming and yelling and huffing and puffing. Our breathing is heavy from the exertion. “I’m. … Continue reading

Doctor Talk by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Communication Lying on the table with one arm beneath the pillow behind my head, I shift my vision from the tiled ceiling to the monitor. The radiology technician is making small talk as she clicks and leaves notation on the ultrasound images on the screen. She continues to return to one area, measuring it … Continue reading