Is There Anybody There? by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Communication

I watched Steven Spielberg’s classic film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ on DVD the other night. In the movie a five tone motif is used to try and communicate with the aliens. Apparently the tones were chosen so that the notes sounded like H E L L O in musical form, which I guess is a good a greeting as any to try on aliens.

Watching the film I was struck yet again by mankind’s desire not to be alone. We need to know if there is anyone out there. SETI, The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, run a program whereby individuals can download software which takes advantage of idle computing power to assist in the search for ET. To date many millions of people around the globe have done just that.

We don’t need to search the cosmos for extraterrestrial intelligence though, we just need to search our hearts and it will be revealed to us. Almighty God, who created the universe and everything in it, will also have created aliens, if they exist, which I doubt. We need to stop searching outwards for proof of intelligent life forms, but search inwards instead, and show God that we are the intelligent life forms He created us to be.

2 Responses to “Is There Anybody There? by Chris Gallagher”
  1. Beautifully said, and very encouraging. Thank you 🙂

  2. Richard Wiseman says:

    Hi Chris! I couldn’t agree more. People tend to look for something to give life meaning and yet dismiss the possibility of God as giving life meaning, because they think science has proved God doesn’t exist. Fact is nothing has been proved and people are still searching for answers and meanings. As you say if they looked inside themselves they’d find the answer.

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