The Ballad of a Bully by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Warning Signs

Ever since you were very young, you had an enormous sense of entitlement. It was almost as if the mere fact that you were born gave you the right to push people around and get all up in everyone’s business. Maybe it was a reaction to your traumatic birth, and you needed to get over your inferiority complex by ceaselessly exerting your power over others.

As you grew up, and as you became more accustomed to your burgeoning role as top dog, and as you became aware that the power you were wielding was going largely unchecked, you ran with it, because, hey, who wouldn’t?

You used your dominance to crush others, no matter if they were big or small, or whether they were able to defend themselves or were totally defenseless. If you felt they truly deserved your wrath or if you were just having fun was inconsequential to you. Your point was to make it clear that you were their master.

On your ascent to the top, you undoubtedly had friends, and even friends with a fair amount of power, but these relationships were based on the unspoken knowledge that the true power and decision making lay in your hands, and that if the relationships were to continue amicably, your “friends” had better listen to what you said.

Others were not so fortunate to gain your favor. You condescended to them, forced them to abide by your will, and made choices for them that they did not want to make and would not have made for themselves had you not been involved in their decision making process.

Needless to say, a sense of resentment was building, but you were blissfully unaware of this, and you would not have cared had you known. Even the meager attempts by others to fight back against your power were met with scorn and the most severe repercussions.

In the ongoing effort to keep everyone in his place you had adopted a no tolerance policy. Your status as number one was clearly established, and you thrived in the roll. You made the rules, you enforced them, and the consequences for anyone who did not follow them inevitably involved physical violence, and in many cases death.

But while you were ruling your world through the narrow view from your horse-blinders, insurrections aimed at denting your unabashed power were popping up all over the place. You dealt with the obvious ones, but in your condescension, and because of your lack of peripheral vision, you were unable to notice all that was going in preparation to topple you. Because you had been at the top for your entire existence, you had no reason to believe that you would not continue to be at the top for your entire existence.

And when you were attacked by those who you’d oppressed your entire life, with a magnitude and vehemence that rippled with the resentment and subjugation of many long years, you could not believe what has happening to you. You could not fathom how anyone could have the courage to even attempt to question your absolute power over them.

You were unable and unwilling to empathize with their inferior position, the inferior position that you had worked so doggedly to establish over the years, and so instead of being humbled and taking this confrontation as an opportunity to reassess your use of power, you immediately went right back on the offensive, because anyone who had the gall to question your authority needed to be dealt with immediately and sternly.

And because you knew that the most important thing in your existence was to keep your top dog status, you escalated your efforts to teach those who mistakenly and desperately tried to provide a feeble answer to your ongoing suppression. You made sure that their resurrection was not to be tolerated or condoned.

And, since you’ve ignored all the pleas for justice from those you’ve spent your entire life crushing beneath your feet, you will continue to do so indefinitely. You will ride out the wobbles on your infinite road of power, until one day, in all your infinite ignorance, you will hit a pot hole so large that it will take you down for good, and all the work you’ve done over your entire lifetime will have been for naught.

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11 Responses to “The Ballad of a Bully by Lick the Fridge”
  1. Always love your writing. This was a fun one.

  2. Anne Katherine says:

    I realize this could apply to all sorts of situations, but it made me think of Hitler. Very sad that a lot of times the warning signs are only clear in retrospect.
    The picture is a great one for this topic!

    • Jared Karol says:

      Thanks, Anne Katherine. You’re right, it could apply to all sorts of situations. Interesting you thought of Hitler – I hadn’t thought of him for this one. My inspiration was something completely different. . .

  3. Jack Scott says:

    All bullies get bullied in the end. Eventually there always is someone bigger, better, smarter and younger.

  4. The personal and the political are one and the same; power seeking is born of ignorance and insecurity. I’m with God when He said ‘My grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Great post and very thought provoking in these turbulent political times as well as at a time when the pursuit of celebrity and the culture of fame lead many people to behave in unacceptably inhumane ways to achieve their own personal goals at the cost of the happiness of others. Good stuff Jared. Works on so many levels.

    • Jared Karol says:

      Thanks, Richard. Yes, the post was meant to be open to interpretation, although my idea was based on something specific. You’re right though – we all have power. It’s what we do with it that determines how we are all going to get along with one another. Do we use our power OVER others, or do we share our power WITH others? Clearly, as you stated, the former seems to occur far too often than it should.

  5. Micheline says:

    Great writing, Jared. I thought of our country — is that unpatriotic of me? Ha. It’s a frustrating time to be an American.

    • Jared Karol says:

      Michie, That’s not unpatriotic of you at all. It’s funny that you’re the first person to make the connection to our country. Our country is exactly what I was modeling my piece after. I wonder if other people noticed and just didn’t say anything, or if they had no clue or thought to think that maybe someone could write a damming piece about good ole’ Uncle Sam. But don’t even get me started on patriotism. . .

      Thanks for reading. I hope we see a piece from you this month.

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