The Way We Were by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Warning Signs
Looking back from the sanctuary of the present day it’s hard to imagine the furore that ensued when marriage between a man and a woman was abolished in the late 21st century.

When marriage between the sexes was finally declared illegal in 2097 it was stated by some that earlier warning signs should have been heeded, but it’s difficult to see what else the world government could have done.

With the compulsory euthanasia programme struggling to keep the population of the planet at the desirable limit of twelve billion something had to give, and in the end the ruling council, rightly or wrongly, decided that men and women should no longer be allowed to marry, or even cohabit. From that time it was also decreed that the only allowable expression of feeling and sentiment between two citizens should be homosexual in nature.

This was bitterly opposed by the world council of churches; indeed their opposition was so vociferous, that the expression of religious faith was outlawed shortly afterwards.

The arguments put forward at the time of the abolition were merely a rehash of those postulated in less enlightened times when marriage was finally taken out of the hands of the religious authorities in order that men should be allowed to marry men. This landmark step took place in 2015; a time which is viewed by many now as akin to the dark ages.

For the record it should be stated that a similar franchise was only extended to women wishing to marry each other after a long and bitter campaign reached its conclusion in 2047 when the world government issued a decree relinquishing its opposition. At the time it was hailed as a significant step forward for the rights of women everywhere.

Some say that it was only the success of the selective breeding program that made it possible for a genetically modified female egg to be implanted into a female ape in order for the rearing of human young to be carried out by that class of species that cleared the way for women to cohabit and then marry.

There has been speculation recently that a few breeding pairs of Homo sapiens are living in a special facility in a remote part of Antarctica just in case they’re needed in the future. Interestingly this was neither confirmed nor denied by the world government spokesperson that I contacted for comment.

This has led to speculation from some quarters that a return to the old ways might be a possibility in the future, but when I put this to the spokesperson she seemed bemused by the suggestion and refused to take the question seriously.

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