The Boxes We Live In by Akanksha Lal

Topic: Boxes

When I read this word here it reminded me of the boxes we all lock ourselves into. The boxes called ego. I just look at the two year old next door who has no big ego. He walks around like a king fully unconcerned about who is thinking what. Isn’t that a great state of mind to have?

But what prevents is the box called ego. We label the boxes based on where we were born, brought up, got educated, and the degrees we earned. The list goes on and the box is full of labels all around.

What I see when I meet a new person is a glass box with numerous labels. He or she puts some labels and I put some labels on them based on my impressions. The person is inside the box, his image is a blur. The more labels he has, the more difficult it is for me to look at his face. Does he have a sparkle in his eyes, does he have a smile on his face, and is he happy to meet me? I keep wondering.

New boxes (little infants) are cleaner. You can see inside them. Remember when you meet kids, they shout your name and run towards you to hug you. You can see their smile in their eyes. You can’t help but smile.

It is hard to look through the older boxes. They might look into your eye, but they are not speaking their mind. They are speaking but the speech is just to keep your attention away from what they want to hide. When they succeed at something, they put another label on the wall. When they fail, they hide.

We are living for others, caring about what they think. It is our nature. Only if we clean our boxes we find that the other person is just like us and then there is nothing to hide.

One Response to “The Boxes We Live In by Akanksha Lal”
  1. So true here – your parallel with young children. But they pick up the labeling thing pretty quickly, to the point that by the time they get to school some of them can be downright mean. And it is usually based on whether someone is in the “right’ box or not. We all just need to make our boxes bigger and just delete all the little boxes we keep in our minds to categorize people.

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