Boxes by Amaia Little

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When I think of this, the first thing to pop in my mind is what we tend to do to each other.

I can be a mother, a father, a husband, a wife,  a fiancee, a lil, a submissive, a Dominant, a strong person…..

I realize that for most of us, in today’s world, we are comfortable with labels, with putting people in our own happy box. Our world is safe, we understand our place and the place of those around us. We put each other in a box so that we can understand each other, and how we fit and how we don’t.

When I joined Fet Life the first thing I had to do was check boxes. What is my relationship label? What is my D/s label? The choices we make often affect how people look at us, speak to us and interact with us.

Had I checked the box labeled Domme, the emails I get would be very different I’m sure. The way I am seen in my local community, the way I am listened to would be different.

But I checked submissive… one box.

Baby girl… two boxes

Engaged… three boxes.

Labels can be good, if used as a starter not an ender way.

If we read what a piece of paper (or computer screen) says someone is… and then stop there, we are really doing ourselves and the other person a HUGE disservice.

I am more than a box.

You are more than a box.

When we take the time to open the box and look inside of it… take the time to really see the contents of it, and how they all fit together…

That will be the day that we can finally put our boxes aside and just be.

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2 Responses to “Boxes by Amaia Little”
  1. Amaia says:

    Reblogged this on alittlekinky and commented:
    My first submission to the Write on Project…

  2. Valen says:

    A brilliant post, one that applies to so many, in OR outside of the fetish/BDSM/ lifestyle BOX too. Well done love : )


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