Nobody Knows For Sure by Amy Busse Perkins

Topic: Before Children “Puuuush!  Push, push, push, push, push!” Lanie collapsed back against the hospital bed, sweat matting her hair to her forehead. Her husband, James, held her left knee and the nurse held her right. The nurse clutching her knee said, “Come on, Lanie. You can do this. Just a few pushes more.” Her … Continue reading

Steppin’ On Legos by One and a Half Men

Topic: Before Children Before children you would never have contemplated watching Shrek one hundred twenty-seven consecutive times. Before children Saturday nights started around 9 pm. Now Saturday nights end around 9 pm. Before children you would have never dreamed of watching The Wiggles. After children you still would never dream of watching The Wiggles. Before … Continue reading

Someone Else by Alexandra White

Topic: Before Children There would be someone else here, Hank thought, shielding his eyes against the bright glare of this, as he stood for a moment between the rows, one arm leaning on the hoe. Finally, after the waiting and the false starts. After so many of Emma’s housedresses had been ruined with the rusty … Continue reading

Life Before Children? You’d Better Believe It by TJ Alexian

Topic: Before Children I think some people have a tendency to forget what life was actually like “Before children,” and that’s a real shame. Some don’t, of course. Some remember their past acutely. Josie, my ex-wife, became a teen mom at sixteen, and as a result, she’s spent the past decade living in mortal dread … Continue reading

(Partly) Before Children: The Change by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Before Children I met my husband when my seven-year-old son was two. Before Rob, I was a single Mom living my life with Jaden. I managed a restaurant and bar in a little town in Wyoming. The hours I worked, many nights until 3 or 4 am, meant that I wasn’t a full-time parent. … Continue reading

That’s How Cool I Was! by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic: Before Children My wife and I met in college at a Toga party. That’s how cool I was! Some friends in the dorm I lived in that sophomore year were throwing a party and I found myself, mid-way through the evening, sitting next to one of my close buddies, both of us on chairs … Continue reading

Big Homers of Yore by Thoughtful Pop

topic: Before Children The games would often start before the remnants of sleep were shaken from our heads, sometimes as early as 11:15. Once Chris had donned his green Chuck Taylors and the speakers were oriented in Brad’s bedroom window to maximize both field coverage and neighborhood annoyance we were ready. Our weaponry would be … Continue reading

Things Haven’t Really Changed That Much by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Before Children My best friend had children a couple years before I did. I remember asking him how his life had changed. He said things hadn’t really changed that much, that he and his wife still do the things they like to do, but now they just do them with their children. Now that … Continue reading

My Imagined Life BC (Before Children) by Mona Andrei

Topic: Before Children Once upon a long time ago, there was me. That’s it. No kids. No pets. No house. Just me. At least that’s what I’ve been told and that’s what I believe. The truth is that I’ve had kids for so long now (my oldest is 25, my youngest is 10, with two … Continue reading