Now That’s a Coincidence. . .I Think by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic: Coincidence Coincidence: that’s the latest topic at the Write On Project, the best community of writers and bloggers in the blogosphere. I’ll admit to struggling with coming up with an idea that would do this topic justice. For some reason the words just weren’t coming to me. I know what a coincidence is. . … Continue reading

I Was Pressured into Writing this Post by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Coincidence I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. Which is really no big deal. It wouldn’t be the end of the world, and I don’t think anyone but me would have noticed, and if anyone did notice, they most certainly wouldn’t have cared. It’s just a blog. It’s not … Continue reading

Fate by Shawnda Rae

Topic: Coincidence I have put much thought into this word “Coincidence” lately. What does it mean? Is there really such a thing as “coincidence”? Webster defines coincidence as a noun – “a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance.” But is it really by CHANCE that this event … Continue reading

A Universe in Harmony by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Coincidence The universe is an interesting place. There are around 200 billion stars in our galaxy and around 100 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Or maybe there are 400 billion stars in our galaxy and 200 billion galaxies. We can’t be sure. The whole of it is just too big and we are … Continue reading

Coincidence Knows Best by Mudly Art

Topic: Coincidence It was innocent enough. Jared sent out an email giving us the heads up about this topic for The Write On Project. At first, it was just another email. Another email sitting in my inbox requiring a response. The pile was growing. Since when did it take so much energy to answer an … Continue reading

Laughing in the Face of Coincidence by Mona Andrei

Topic: Coincidence They say that there are no coincidences. I laugh in their face. Partly because not knowing who “they” are gives me courage; and partly because I don’t agree. Something else that “they” say is “shit happens”. Now there’s a philosophy I believe in! To be fair though, I have to admit that whenever … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of the Stoned Guest by TJ Alexian

Topic: Coincidence Brushes with evil? Sure, I’ve had a few. Just some thin little paint strokes, though, really. Nothing you’d need to shake an Exorcist at. Oh, yes. Yes! I remember one, in particular. His name was Damien. A demonic/cherubic/ceramic lawn statue, he was. Damien first came into our lives when Corb worked the front … Continue reading