The Point Oh One Principle by T.J. Alexian

Topic: Entitlement “Daddy, am I your favorite?” Theo asked me this last night, and not for the first time. It’s a familiar question for him, one he playfully tends to ask, every other day or so. Of course, I provided him with my standard answer, particularly since Ashes was sitting in the back of the … Continue reading

I Am A Big Jerk by Super Daddy

Topic: Entitlement I was quite honored to receive the invitation from Jared and Mitch to participate in The Write On Project. This is their home, their backyard and they’re inviting me over to play. I was humbled. This week’s topic is Entitlement. I have a lot to say about entitlement and what others feel they … Continue reading

And for what? by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Entitlement Cold tile floors woke my toes and I Shuffled brewed beans before my nose so I Could see before I saw the writing on the wall That this would be a day that just got away That my nasty breath would pale to the noxious rage That would poison the air and stain … Continue reading

Attack of the Berkeley Mom by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Entitlement The playground was crowded but peaceful. Nothing was out of the ordinary. Throngs of two and three year olds swung, slid, climbed, pedaled, shoveled and toddled around in an organized sea of chaos. Adults stood by in the wings ready to intervene should intervention be required. “Mommy, look at me”s and “Daddy, I … Continue reading