Mommy by Amy Busse Perkins

Topic: Extinction It was evening. Dinner was done. The dishwasher lashed scalding water and soap at my pots and pans, and the kitchen counters were a crumb free zone—for a few minutes anyway. I stretched lazily across my bed wondering what chore I had forgotten or neglected, because surely I shouldn’t have the time to … Continue reading

A Sad Picture by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Extinction “What’s that, daddy?” The glow from the monitor lights their faces. “Those are parts from old computers, Bug.” “Why?” “Well, computers break and then people throw them away.” She sits silent for a moment. “Why do they throw them away?” “Because they can’t fix them anymore, or don’t try, and then they buy … Continue reading

Extinction by K-Rock

Topic: Extinction “Please,” I said. “C’mon. Don’t say that,” he said. He paused. “Look, I have no intention of getting back together in the near-forseeable future. And, to tell you the truth, I don’t want anything serious right now either.” “Well,” I said slowly, “I’ve said everything I could to try to convince you. Just … Continue reading

The Dinosaurs by Alexandra White

Topic: Extinction “But where did they go?” my six-year-old son asks, with a mouthful of English muffin.   “Did they just die?” We are talking about dinosaurs at the breakfast table. My son is at that stage where he has lots of questions, many of which further highlight my own large gaps of understanding. When he … Continue reading

Moral Extinction by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Extinction Live has recently been chaotic. The type of chaos that radiates from every corner of the universe. I have found myself often wondering when the shoe would drop between my time spent writing a book, my current gigs, taking a site off the ground, and attempting to maintain balance in my home. That … Continue reading

Emergence by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Extinction “I” am an endangered species. There is a part of me that is close to extinction. This is the “me” who drives a car without koolaid stains or a thousand toys and candy wrappers crammed in every available space.  The “me” who actually goes to bed without reading fifteen different but all brightly … Continue reading