Parenting: One Guilty Step At a Time by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: Guilt Guilt is defined as a feeling of “morbid self-remorse.” And as a parent, there’s certainly a whole lot of self-remorse going on every single day. Guilt is just something that runs through your body like blood flows through your veins.  There are very few moments where you don’t feel guilty about SOMETHING or other. You shouldn’t … Continue reading

Koalas and Kangaroos/Impact Wrenches and Grinders by One and A Half Men

Topic: Guilt I’d like to thank Jared and Mitchell for asking me to contribute to The Write On Project. I’m humbled and flattered by their invitation. I’ve written two short fictional stories that are loosely based on a typical “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” decision during a typical day in the life … Continue reading

This Girl’s Road to Redemption by Maria’s Random Rants

Topic: Guilt The dictionary defines guilt as “a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, or wrong, whether real or imagined.” Hmmm, real or imagined, that sounds about right. Might be even more accurate, at least helpful, if they added a footnote, “Warning: Duration of guilt known to last several years. Atonement not … Continue reading

Flu Rant by K-Rock

Topic: Guilt “Interesting topic,” I thought, as I slid my finger between the sealed cardboard, pinched and pulled open plastic wrapper, and pulled out my first thin mint Girl Scout cookie. It was a good thing my boyfriend wasn’t here – he would tell me that I shouldn’t be eating sweets when I have the … Continue reading

I Confess! by TJ Alexian

Topic: Guilt “I think this should spark a TED COLUMN.” That was the message I received from a friend of mine, Traveling Sue the Celebrity Spotter, and she also sent along a link to a recent New York Times editorial by Maureen Dowd on the recent creation of “Confession: A Roman Catholic App.” For those … Continue reading

In My Poorly Lit Room by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Guilt In my poorly lit room, I sit in it. The day flows through me and I wash in all of my successes and failures. The successes rinse quickly but the failures leave me dirty. I am a writer so I must write. I must catalog the moments and divine the meaning and digest … Continue reading

Guilty Or Not Guilty? by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic: Guilt I was asked by Jared Karol and the folks at the Write On Project to write a piece on their latest topic: GUILT.  I tried hard to think of things that I have felt guilty about in my life, and thankfully, as I have led a relatively honest and trustworthy lifestyle, I was … Continue reading

Guilt by The Jack B

Topic: Guilt This is the post that I have been guilted into writing. Not by the administrators of The Write on Project but by the crazy man who lives inside my head. You know, the one that hears whispers of doubt and darkness. He has been pushing and poking me to follow through on a … Continue reading

A Wonderful Joyous Buzz by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Guilt Maybe in twenty-five years I won’t remember. Maybe when I’m retired in the South Pacific on my own personal island, and all I do each day is sit and sip rum out of tall glasses with umbrellas and read stories that people have sent me and write letters to my friends, and when … Continue reading