Rain and Sunshine, Sunshine and Rain by Mudly Art

Topic: Rain I can’t think about rain, without thinking about it’s relationship to sunshine. As much as the earth needs peace in order to make sense, so does rain need sunshine. Rain is nature’s balance to sunshine. And I crave rainy days as much as I crave sunny days. If sunshine is light, then rain is … Continue reading

A Biblical Kind of Rain by Tessasdad

TOPIC: RAIN Rain in a nation along the equator is not like rain anywhere else. At least in what I’ve seen in my travels to the Caribbean and to East Africa. While in Uganda on two visits in 2009, I saw rain which can only be explained as a full-body sensory experience of biblical proportions. … Continue reading

Getting Wet by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Rain The kids were going bat-shit crazy. Evasive action had to be taken. The fate and collective sanity of our nation of four was at stake. The tipping point was upon us and if utter chaos was to be avoided some tough choices would have to be made. Without a grand distraction we could … Continue reading

Welcome Home by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Rain I walk through the corridors of the hospital with a car seat in each hand. In each car seat is one of my children. They balance me. They are three weeks old and they are leaving the NICU. We are coming home as a family for the first time. A NICU nurse and … Continue reading

Rain Dance by Super Daddy

Topic: Rain In 1998 my friend Ed and I started what became an annual backpacking trip through the Smoky Mountains. We did this for five years in every type of weather imaginable; rain, snow, hot, freezing cold. When I say freezing cold I mean freezing. The night we spent on top of Gregory Bald the … Continue reading