Warning Signs That Your Business is Under Attack by Melissa Agnes

Topic: Warning Signs We work hard everyday. If we’re lucky our business becomes one of our passions and as passionate people we like to see our hard work turn to results, which in turn turns to success. Being in today’s market we know that taking our business online is crucial to that success. Said simply, … Continue reading

Warning Signs by Adam Sancic

Topic: Warning Signs It had caused what I at the time considered to be mostly minor inconveniences. The inability to develop friendships beyond a certain point. A knack for ending personal relationships prematurely; from what were often warrantless assumptions and unfounded accusations. It had become a convenient buffer for me…allowing me to never worry about … Continue reading

The Way We Were by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Warning Signs Looking back from the sanctuary of the present day it’s hard to imagine the furore that ensued when marriage between a man and a woman was abolished in the late 21st century. When marriage between the sexes was finally declared illegal in 2097 it was stated by some that earlier warning signs … Continue reading

Seeing What We Don’t Want to See by Dayle Lynne

Author’s Caution:  If you are a self-injurer, the following post could contain triggers. topic: Warning Signs I was 14 years old when I cut myself for the first time. I wasn’t very adept at it. I used an industrial razor blade I found on top of the refrigerator. I dragged it across the back of … Continue reading

Get Out! by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Warning Signs The building swayed. But it always did to weather the harbor winds. A slight percussion just before was what broke my concentration. In early to finish something due in the afternoon, I was on a roll. The piece was flowing; it was working. I went back to it. Bustle and noise sounded … Continue reading

The Ballad of a Bully by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Warning Signs Ever since you were very young, you had an enormous sense of entitlement. It was almost as if the mere fact that you were born gave you the right to push people around and get all up in everyone’s business. Maybe it was a reaction to your traumatic birth, and you needed … Continue reading

Dripping Faucet by Kelly Sajonia

Topic: Warning Signs Drip. Drip. . .Drip. Drip. . .Drip. . .Drip. A faucet leak starts slow, building in frequency over time. In some instances the person living with the leak can hear the noise. For others, the repetitious sound begins to fade. Sadly, I am the latter, choosing to silence the noise in my … Continue reading