Brown Road Chronicles

Hi, I’m Steve and I write a blog called The Brown Road Chronicles.  It’s a collection, a mish-mash… perhaps even a hodge-podge… of stories about country living, old houses, dirt roads, family and other humorous and profound stuff. I won’t promise you’ll learn anything earth-shattering here… but I can promise it will make you think, ponder, laugh out loud and definitely want to come back for more. I have contributed the following posts to The Write On Project:

Sudden Death Overtime Intentions vs. Goals, 05/15/2011
That’s How Cool I Was!
Before Children, 04/15/2011
Now That’s a Coincidence. . . I Think
Coincidence, 03/31/2011
The Hike
Exhaustion, 03/15/2011
Guilty Or Not Guilty?
Guilt, 02/28/2011

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