Lick the Fridge

Lick the Fridge is a blog by Jared Karol. Jared is the father of boy/girl twins born in January 2009. He and Thoughtful Pop are the creators of The Write On Project. Jared also writes for Aiming Low, Dad Revolution, Fatherfolk, and GoodBlogs. His work has appeared at Errant Parent and The Good Men Project. You can follow Jared on Twitter and become a fan of Lick the Fridge on Facebook as well. Here are his contributions to TWOP:

The Great Fifth of July Party at San Marino Party, May/2012
The Ballad of a Bully
Warning Signs, March/2012
Should I Just Take My Pants Off and Douse Myself in Thousand Island Dressing?
Communication, February/2012
The Emergence of Daddy’s Little Girl
Love, July/2011
A Letter to my Brother
Best Friends, 06/15/2011
Big Plans for Today
Intentions vs. Goals, 05/15/2011
My Parenting Days Are Almost Over. . . But Not Quite What the %^&* Is Going On Here?, 04/30/2011
Things Haven’t Really Changed That Much
Before Children, 04/15/2011
I Was Pressured Into Writing This Post
Coincidence, 03/31/2011
Little Black Fly
Exhaustion, 03/15/2011
A Wonderful Joyous Buzz
Guilt, 02/28/2011
Attack of the Berkeley Mom
Entitlement, 02/15/2011
Welcome Home
Rain, 01/31/2011
You’re a Total (Bleep), Dad. Even Jerry Thinks So: A Tragicomedy in One Act
Exploitation, 01/15/2011
Pickles On My Burger
New Year’s Eve, 12/31/2010
On the Impossibilities of Writing, Fathering and Blogging Instant Gratification, 12/15/2010

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