Richard Wiseman

Richard Wiseman is married and has two children. He lives in Exeter, in the county of Devon in the UK. Exeter is near Dartmoor, famous for Conan Doyle’s ‘Hound Of The Baskervilles’ Sherlock Holmes story. While he has walked on Dartmoor, he categorically states that he has never seen ‘the footprints of an enormous hound’. Richard writes three blogs, the main one being MIcawber’s Last Word, a blog on a variety of subjects. He also writes novels and stuff which can be found here.

Richard has contributed the following pieces to The Write On Project:

Time Capsule Boxes, April/2012
“I Had No Idea Anything Was Wrong…”
Warning Signs, March/2012
Signal Strength Bad
Communication, February/2012
Deconstruction Party, May/2012

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