T.J. Alexian

T.J. Alexian works in Public Relations and is the author of three novels. He’s the father of three children and directs regional musical theater productions in his free time. At present, he’s working on his next novel, Pictures of You. Find his work at Snapshots From Eldredge and more work at his live journal, TedWords. T.J. has contributed the following pieces to The Write On Project:

Ten Reasons I Hate Doing Algebra Communication February/2012
Privates Education
Swearing, September/2011
Tales from 95: A Not-So-Short Note on the Loss of Civility of Discourse within our Western Culture
Travel, August/2011
Tales From 95: Better Living Through Dawson
Travel, August/2011
The Gift of Her Presence
Best Friends, 06/15/2011
The Day My Daughter Killer Her Grandfather
What the %^&* Is Going On Here?, 04/30/2011
Life Before Children? You’d Better Believe It
Before Children, 04/15/2011
The Rise and Fall of the Stoned Guest
Coincidence, 03/31/2011
Keep Out
Exhaustion, 03/15/2011
I Confess!
Guilt, 02/28/2011
The Point Oh One Principle
Entitlement, 02/15/2011

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