Thoughtful Pop

Thoughtful Pop is a blog written by Mitchell Brown. By day he is a stay at home dad with his two short but mighty daughters. By night he is exactly the same person. Mitchell, together with Lick The Fridge, created The Write On Project. These are his contributions:

Don’t Be Pretty – Be You Communication, February/2012
Even Now
Love, July/2011
My Best Friend
Best Friends, 06/15/2011
A Sad Picture
Extinction, 05/31/2011
Big Homers of Yore
Before Children, 04/15/2011
A Universe in Harmony
Coincidence, 03/31/2011
A Moment Like Any Other
Exhaustion, 03/15/2011
In My Poorly Lit Room
Guilt, 02/28/2011
And For What?
Entitlement, 02/15/2011
Getting Wet
Rain, 01/31/2011
A Call to Tired Arms
Exploitation, 01/15/2011
The Evolution of My Party Pants
New Year’s Eve, 12/31/2010
A Thoughtful Discussion Instant Gratification, 12/15/2010

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