Reputo Foris Arca Archa by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Boxes To think outside the box has long been used as a metaphor for thinking creatively, for looking further than the obvious. According to the fount of modern human knowledge, Wikipedia, it has its origins in the Disney Corporation of the sixties when their workforce were given the classic 9 point puzzle to solve. … Continue reading

The Way We Were by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Warning Signs Looking back from the sanctuary of the present day it’s hard to imagine the furore that ensued when marriage between a man and a woman was abolished in the late 21st century. When marriage between the sexes was finally declared illegal in 2097 it was stated by some that earlier warning signs … Continue reading

Is There Anybody There? by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Communication I watched Steven Spielberg’s classic film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ on DVD the other night. In the movie a five tone motif is used to try and communicate with the aliens. Apparently the tones were chosen so that the notes sounded like H E L L O in musical form, which … Continue reading