Tales from 95: A Not-So-Short Note on the Loss of Civility of Discourse within our Western Culture by TJ Alexian

Topic: Travel It had been a lovely day at Universal Studios, full of rides and food, walking and. . . well, chafing. The third and last in a string of three blissful days. So, the four of us—me, Corb, and the two kids, Ashes and Theo—were walking out of the Persian area, after eight long … Continue reading

The Case for Travel by Travis Heppe

Topic: Travel I worry. I worry that the numbskulls in higher offices in countries all over the world haven’t yet figured out just how devastating war is to human progress. It all follows a predictable cycle: hardship to jealousy to bigotry to xenophobia to nationalism to war. The antidote is education, and there is no … Continue reading