Door’s Open, Come On In by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Party My parent’s celebrations are still legendary almost fifty years later. Everyone was invited, our friends and theirs. Spur of the moment invitations to casual acquaintances were accepted. People who saw us enjoying ourselves through the windows came to the door and were welcomed. Classmates who never spoke to you in the school yard … Continue reading

An Affair by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Boxes There was no money to buy an upcoming birthday present. There was a paper box. There was a perfect image on the computer. There were my water colors. There was my paper collection. Paper has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Every new piece intrigues me with its uniqueness, its smell, its … Continue reading

Get Out! by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Warning Signs The building swayed. But it always did to weather the harbor winds. A slight percussion just before was what broke my concentration. In early to finish something due in the afternoon, I was on a roll. The piece was flowing; it was working. I went back to it. Bustle and noise sounded … Continue reading