An Affair by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Boxes There was no money to buy an upcoming birthday present. There was a paper box. There was a perfect image on the computer. There were my water colors. There was my paper collection. Paper has fascinated me ever since I can remember. Every new piece intrigues me with its uniqueness, its smell, its … Continue reading

The Gift of Her Presence by TJ Alexian

Topic: Best Friends Last Christmas was the last time I saw Cathy. She was there, same as she had been for countless Christmases before that, sitting in my father’s den with a warm smile on her face and a blond wig on top of her head. The wig was a new touch, intended to hide … Continue reading

Canine Comrades by Jen Hurowitz

Topic: Best Friends In the past few months, my blog reading has escorted me to many posts about parenting. There may even be some Best Friend posts about children who are actually friends with their siblings. (Does this strange world exist?) I love to see kids who consider their sibling a friend; or even a … Continue reading

Moral Extinction by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Extinction Live has recently been chaotic. The type of chaos that radiates from every corner of the universe. I have found myself often wondering when the shoe would drop between my time spent writing a book, my current gigs, taking a site off the ground, and attempting to maintain balance in my home. That … Continue reading

Sudden Death Overtime by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic – Intentions vs. Goals. Color Guy:  Well, here we go fans… this is it… it’s a nail biter here as we start this sudden death overtime period… still no goals scored in this one.  TEAM WARNER needs to get one here to stay in this series.  But TEAM HINDRANCE is putting on a phenomenal defensive performance… I … Continue reading

What the %^&* Is Going On Here? by Maria’s Random Rants

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? I’m a warrior, a road warrior. Well, among other things. Really. Just hear me out. Being a family of six limits our options when it comes to travel. Heck, being a family of six limits us financially in several respects, because as you can guess six times … Continue reading

Sleepwalking by Amy Busee Perkins

Topic: What the %^&* Is Going On Here? What would happen if one day you woke up and found yourself in a traffic jam? You look at the 16-year-old sitting next to you, earbuds and loud music blocking out conversation or relation, but the last time you checked he was six, with a gap toothed … Continue reading

(Partly) Before Children: The Change by Mysti Reutlinger

Topic: Before Children I met my husband when my seven-year-old son was two. Before Rob, I was a single Mom living my life with Jaden. I managed a restaurant and bar in a little town in Wyoming. The hours I worked, many nights until 3 or 4 am, meant that I wasn’t a full-time parent. … Continue reading