Get Out! by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Warning Signs The building swayed. But it always did to weather the harbor winds. A slight percussion just before was what broke my concentration. In early to finish something due in the afternoon, I was on a roll. The piece was flowing; it was working. I went back to it. Bustle and noise sounded … Continue reading

Should We Love Life? I Think We Should by Gangsta Fish

Topic: Love I find it interesting that it’s rare I hear these days the term “I love life.” Okay. Stress. Work. People. I get it. But I’ve been thinking about it, and I think people are actually getting to a point where they grossly exaggerate the downs of daily life, and unintentionally convince themselves that … Continue reading

Choosing Happy by Jen Hurowitz

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals Goal 1: Be happy. Goal 2: Always follow Goal 1. I haven’t always been a happy person. I had every intention to be happy. I wanted to get married, have children, laugh a lot and be the ideal grown-up I had created in my head. For some reason, I had to … Continue reading