The Most Important Form of Communication: Self Talk by Mona Andrei

Topic: Communication When I first read the email about the return of The Write On Project (TWOP) and the invitation to write a post for the month of February, one word came to mind: “Yayyy!” Then when I saw the topic – “Communication” – I got even more excited. Partly because I love anything that … Continue reading

My Best Friend (It’s Not What You Think) by Mona Andrei

Topic: Best Friends As a writer I’m not exposed to many occupational hazards. Which kind of suits my personality since I’m not that good with pain (it hurts me). How I managed to have four kids, I’ll never know. It may have something to do with that part of the brain that makes us forget … Continue reading

My Imagined Life BC (Before Children) by Mona Andrei

Topic: Before Children Once upon a long time ago, there was me. That’s it. No kids. No pets. No house. Just me. At least that’s what I’ve been told and that’s what I believe. The truth is that I’ve had kids for so long now (my oldest is 25, my youngest is 10, with two … Continue reading