Up the Hill by Anne Katherine Cronk

Topic: Crash and Burn My four-year old daughter and I have finished taking care of the horse and now have to go up the hill and take care of the chickens. She suddenly throws herself onto the ground back first and says, “Carry me!  I’m exhausted!” Exhausted, I’m thinking. I’m the one who practically gave … Continue reading

Do You Understand the Words Coming Out of My Mouth? by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: Communication In order to survive parenting without killing each other, my husband and I have learned that communication is really the key to our success. And by “communication” I mean that I pretty much need to spell everything out from A to Z when it’s time for my husband to take the wheel. Now, … Continue reading

Two Peas in a Pod by Nucking Futs Mama

Topic: Love Whenever people ask me if my twins get along, I answer by saying that they’re the best of friends and the worst of enemies. As with all siblings, one minute they can be playing as peacefully as Buddha with a butterfly, and the next, they can be going at each other like a … Continue reading

Resist by Alexandra White

Topic: Love We keep our art supplies by the kitchen table on an old pale-pink metal cart with wheels that I bought at a thrift store years ago. The cart was likely meant for serving cocktails or nicely arranged hors d’oeuvres to adults, which shows how far away our life has diverged from that time … Continue reading

Big Plans for Today by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Intentions vs. Goals I had every intention of accomplishing many things today. I intended to have a good day with the kids, but that plan was derailed at five in the morning when I went in to get my son out of his crib and he cried hysterically for his mommy and flopped around … Continue reading