Door’s Open, Come On In by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Party My parent’s celebrations are still legendary almost fifty years later. Everyone was invited, our friends and theirs. Spur of the moment invitations to casual acquaintances were accepted. People who saw us enjoying ourselves through the windows came to the door and were welcomed. Classmates who never spoke to you in the school yard … Continue reading

Deconstruction by Richard L. Wiseman

Topic: Party It was June 1989 and it was like retiring at the peak of a career. My last exam was over. I put down my pen and stopped working, just as I was told and that was the end of my education. At two thirty I finished my Modernism paper and by three thirty … Continue reading

A Reason to Party by Amy Busse Perkins

Topic: Party Parties require reasons – or so I’ve always thought. My family wasn’t the spontaneous party throwing type, so there had to be a pretty good reason to hold one. My earliest party memories are of birthdays; either ones that I attended or ones that were held in my honor. My birthdays were sometimes … Continue reading

The Great Fifth of July Party at San Marino by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Party This post originally appeared on Lick the Fridge on July 5, 2011 As the sun began to rise, and as the occupants of the San Marino house made their way back to their respective bedrooms in a drunken and exhausted yet giddy daze, and as they maneuvered around the scores of people who … Continue reading

The Evolution of My Party Pants by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: New Year’s Eve There is nothing subtle about leather pants. They even have a soundtrack, which would have been heard clearly had it not been for the thousands of people and electrified tribal beat in which the pants and I were swimming. Once far enough inside the sea of celebration, the black boots stood … Continue reading