Should We Love Life? I Think We Should by Gangsta Fish

Topic: Love I find it interesting that it’s rare I hear these days the term “I love life.” Okay. Stress. Work. People. I get it. But I’ve been thinking about it, and I think people are actually getting to a point where they grossly exaggerate the downs of daily life, and unintentionally convince themselves that … Continue reading

In My Poorly Lit Room by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Guilt In my poorly lit room, I sit in it. The day flows through me and I wash in all of my successes and failures. The successes rinse quickly but the failures leave me dirty. I am a writer so I must write. I must catalog the moments and divine the meaning and digest … Continue reading

A Wonderful Joyous Buzz by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Guilt Maybe in twenty-five years I won’t remember. Maybe when I’m retired in the South Pacific on my own personal island, and all I do each day is sit and sip rum out of tall glasses with umbrellas and read stories that people have sent me and write letters to my friends, and when … Continue reading