Deconstruction by Richard L. Wiseman

Topic: Party It was June 1989 and it was like retiring at the peak of a career. My last exam was over. I put down my pen and stopped working, just as I was told and that was the end of my education. At two thirty I finished my Modernism paper and by three thirty … Continue reading

Time Capsule by Richard Wiseman

Topic: Boxes Three layers of tape, All different hues, Some drier than others, Three different labels, To help the movers, Find the rooms to put it in; Two in black pen, One in red; ‘Videos’ ‘Phoebe Books’ ‘Odds’. The label ‘videos’ Makes me chuckle, Technology Out of date so soon. It was you and me … Continue reading

“I Had No Idea Anything Was Wrong…” by Richard Wiseman

Topic: Warning Signs At the end of August 2008 I tried to kill myself. Shocking thing to read and it should be an embarrassing thing to write down really, but it isn’t. It’s a miracle I’m sitting here writing this, too. I took thirty four Co-Codamol tablets and washed them down with a bottle of … Continue reading

Signal Strength Bad by Richard Wiseman

Topic: Communication Years ago when anyone was tuning an analogue radio there would either be ”white noise,” an unclear yet understandable radio broadcast, or a totally clear signal. Digital radio is different though. On my digital radio there is either a signal as clear as a sprinter’s windpipe or a whole range of signal qualities … Continue reading