Tales From 95: Better Living Through Dawson by TJ Alexian

Topic: Travel “Fatty LaDung Fat!” “No Friends McGee!” Ladies and gentlemen, has this ever happened to you? Two teenagers in the house who fight constantly, with attractive nick-names for each other, like “Fatty LaDung Fat” and “No Friends McGee”? If so, you can understand why I was a little nervous when my partner Corb suggested … Continue reading

Life Before Children? You’d Better Believe It by TJ Alexian

Topic: Before Children I think some people have a tendency to forget what life was actually like “Before children,” and that’s a real shame. Some don’t, of course. Some remember their past acutely. Josie, my ex-wife, became a teen mom at sixteen, and as a result, she’s spent the past decade living in mortal dread … Continue reading

That’s How Cool I Was! by Brown Road Chronicles

Topic: Before Children My wife and I met in college at a Toga party. That’s how cool I was! Some friends in the dorm I lived in that sophomore year were throwing a party and I found myself, mid-way through the evening, sitting next to one of my close buddies, both of us on chairs … Continue reading