Warning Signs That Your Business is Under Attack by Melissa Agnes

Topic: Warning Signs We work hard everyday. If we’re lucky our business becomes one of our passions and as passionate people we like to see our hard work turn to results, which in turn turns to success. Being in today’s market we know that taking our business online is crucial to that success. Said simply, … Continue reading

Dripping Faucet by Kelly Sajonia

Topic: Warning Signs Drip. Drip. . .Drip. Drip. . .Drip. . .Drip. A faucet leak starts slow, building in frequency over time. In some instances the person living with the leak can hear the noise. For others, the repetitious sound begins to fade. Sadly, I am the latter, choosing to silence the noise in my … Continue reading

Awakening by Transforming Sarah

Topic: Love As a young child I loved writing. It didn’t matter what kind. I would curl up with my little diary and a few gel pens and I would write. It held such pure joy for me, seeing words come together to make beautiful compositions. In school, my teachers all praised me for my … Continue reading

In My Poorly Lit Room by Thoughtful Pop

Topic: Guilt In my poorly lit room, I sit in it. The day flows through me and I wash in all of my successes and failures. The successes rinse quickly but the failures leave me dirty. I am a writer so I must write. I must catalog the moments and divine the meaning and digest … Continue reading

You’re a Total (Bleep), Dad. Even Jerry Thinks So: A Tragicomedy in One Act by Lick the Fridge

(Topic: Exploitation) Setting: The Jerry Springer Show studio. The year: 2026 Jerry walks down the aisle toward the stage. The musical offerings of Whitesnake, or possibly Ratt, ushers him in. The crowd is on its feet making a general ruckus. Crowd: Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jer-Ree! Jerry reaches the stage and calms the crowd down. … Continue reading