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  • What We Wrote On in 2011

    Privates Education by T,J. Alexian

    What the Duck? by Anne Katherine Cronk

    Tales from 95: A Not-So-Short Note on the Loss of Civility of Discourse within our Western Culture by TJ Alexian

    Time Stop Girl by Super Daddy
    Tales from 95: Better Living Through Dawson by TJ Alexian
    The Case for Travel by Travis Heppe

    Should We Love Life? I Think We Should by Gangsta Fish
    Even Now by Thoughtful Pop
    Two Peas in a Pod by Nucking Futs Mama
    To My Soulmate, Zack, Last Name Unknown by Emily Nelson
    Awakening by Transforming Sarah
    Dad, Will You Wrestle? by Deep Fried Daddy
    The Love of an Aunt by Jen Hurowitz
    From Love to Heartbreak by Shawnda Rae
    The Emergence of Daddy’s Little Girl by Lick the Fridge
    Resist by Alexandra White
    Of Children and Love by Anne Katherine Cronk

    06/15/2011–Best Friends
    My Best Friend by Thoughtful Pop
    The Gift of Her Presence by TJ Alexian

    Canine Comrades by Jen Hurowitz

    A Letter to My Brother by Lick the Fridge

    My Best Friend (It’s Not What You Think) by Mona Andrei

    Mommy by Amy Busse Perkins

    A Sad Picture by Thoughtful Pop
    Extinction by K-Rock
    The Dinosaurs by Alexandra White
    Moral Extinction by Mysti Reutlinger
    Emergence by Transforming Sarah

    05/15/2011–Goals vs. Intentions
    Choosing Happy by Jen Hurowitz
    Goals by Erica S
    Sudden Death Overtime by Brown Road Chronicles
    Big Plans for Today by Lick the Fridge

    04/30/2011–What the %^&* Is Going On Here?
    My Parenting Days Are Almost Over. . . But Not Quite by Lick the Fridge
    What the %^&* Is Going On Here? by Maria’s Random Rants
    Sleepwalking by Amy Busse Perkins
    My What the %^&* Moment and Why You Should Be Careful What You Wish For by Nucking Futs Mama
    The Day My Daughter Killed Her Grandfather by TJ Alexian

    04/15/2011–Before Children
    Nobody Knows for Sure by Amy Busse Perkins

    Steppin’ on Legos by One and a Half Men

    Someone Else by Alexandra White
    Life Before Children? You’d Better Believe It by TJ Alexian
    (Partly) Before Children: The Change by Mysti Reutlinger
    That’s How Cool I Was! by Brown Road Chronicles
    Big Homers of Yore by Thoughtful Pop
    Things Haven’t Really Changed That Much by Lick the Fridge
    My Imagined Life BC (Before Children) by Mona Andrei

    Now That’s a Coincidence. . .I Think by Brown Road Chronicles

    I Was Pressured Into Writing This Post by Lick the Fridge
    Fate by Shawnda Rae
    A Universe in Harmony by Thoughtful Pop
    Coincidence Knows Best by Mudly Art
    Laughing in the Face of Coincidence by Mona Andrei
    The Rise and Fall of the Stoned Guest by TJ Alexian

    A Moment Like Any Other by Thoughtful Pop

    The Hike by Brown Road Chronicles

    Absolute Capacity Utilization by One And A Half Men

    Exhaustion by Maria’s Random Rants
    Please by K-Rock

    An Emotional Day by Shawnda Rae

    Waiting for Morning by Alexandra White

    Keep Out by TJ Alexian

    Little Black Fly by Lick the Fridge

    Parenting: One Guilty Step at a Time by Nucking Futs Mama
    Koalas and Kangaroos/Impact Wrenches and Grinders by One and a Half Men
    This Girl’s Road to Redemption by Maria’s Random Rants

    Flu Rant by K-Rock
    I Confess! by TJ Alexian
    In My Poorly Lit Room by Thoughtful Pop
    Guilty Or Not Guilty? by Brown Road Chronicles
    Guilt by The Jack B
    A Wonderful Joyous Buzz by Lick the Fridge

    The Point Oh One Principle by T.J. Alexian
    Attack of the Berkeley Mom by Lick the Fridge

    And For What? by Thoughtful Pop
    I Am A Big Jerk by Super Daddy

    Rain Dance by Super Daddy
    Welcome Home by Lick the Fridge
    Getting Wet by Thoughtful Pop
    Rain and Sunshine, Sunshine and Rain by Mudly Art
    A Biblical Kind of Rain by Tessa’s Dad

    A Fucku Haiku (Dedicated to Those Who Exploit Children) by SAHD in Lansing
    A Call To Tired Arms by Thoughtful Pop
    You’re a Total (Bleep), Dad. Even Jerry Thinks So: A Tragicomedy in One Act by Lick the Fridge

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