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Up the Hill by Anne Katherine Cronk

Topic: Crash and Burn My four-year old daughter and I have finished taking care of the horse and now have to go up the hill and take care of the chickens. She suddenly throws herself onto the ground back first and says, “Carry me!  I’m exhausted!” Exhausted, I’m thinking. I’m the one who practically gave … Continue reading

Failures Are the Chisels that Shape Us by Roving Jay

Topic: Crash and Burn What on earth is crash and burn?  And more importantly, what does it mean to me? To be honest, nothing springs to mind. But I did what I always do when I draw a blank – I Google it. According to the Urban Dictionary, the phrase “crash and burn” means to … Continue reading

Door’s Open, Come On In by Deidre Murphy

Topic: Party My parent’s celebrations are still legendary almost fifty years later. Everyone was invited, our friends and theirs. Spur of the moment invitations to casual acquaintances were accepted. People who saw us enjoying ourselves through the windows came to the door and were welcomed. Classmates who never spoke to you in the school yard … Continue reading

Deconstruction by Richard L. Wiseman

Topic: Party It was June 1989 and it was like retiring at the peak of a career. My last exam was over. I put down my pen and stopped working, just as I was told and that was the end of my education. At two thirty I finished my Modernism paper and by three thirty … Continue reading

A Reason to Party by Amy Busse Perkins

Topic: Party Parties require reasons – or so I’ve always thought. My family wasn’t the spontaneous party throwing type, so there had to be a pretty good reason to hold one. My earliest party memories are of birthdays; either ones that I attended or ones that were held in my honor. My birthdays were sometimes … Continue reading

The Great Fifth of July Party at San Marino by Lick the Fridge

Topic: Party This post originally appeared on Lick the Fridge on July 5, 2011 As the sun began to rise, and as the occupants of the San Marino house made their way back to their respective bedrooms in a drunken and exhausted yet giddy daze, and as they maneuvered around the scores of people who … Continue reading

Reputo Foris Arca Archa by Chris Gallagher

Topic: Boxes To think outside the box has long been used as a metaphor for thinking creatively, for looking further than the obvious. According to the fount of modern human knowledge, Wikipedia, it has its origins in the Disney Corporation of the sixties when their workforce were given the classic 9 point puzzle to solve. … Continue reading

Boxes by Amaia Little

topic: Boxes When I think of this, the first thing to pop in my mind is what we tend to do to each other. I can be a mother, a father, a husband, a wife,  a fiancee, a lil, a submissive, a Dominant, a strong person….. I realize that for most of us, in today’s world, … Continue reading

You Can’t Be Contained by Micheline Ludwick

topic: Boxes “Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky” ~ Malvina Reynolds I visited you yesterday. It had been a while, I know. I didn’t even bring anything, which I realize lacked thoughtfulness. I figured someone else would fill your vase, and they did. I felt guilty and then I didn’t … Continue reading

Time Capsule by Richard Wiseman

Topic: Boxes Three layers of tape, All different hues, Some drier than others, Three different labels, To help the movers, Find the rooms to put it in; Two in black pen, One in red; ‘Videos’ ‘Phoebe Books’ ‘Odds’. The label ‘videos’ Makes me chuckle, Technology Out of date so soon. It was you and me … Continue reading